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In this post, you will see the top 7 online business opportunities in Nigeria you can do to make money. Right now, the internet is the best place to gain financial freedom around the globe,It is becoming a far more valuable platform to do business because, if you look at the top 5 companies in the world today, they are online businesses.

Secondly, you can reach people from far away and do business without physical contact. Thirdly, you can do that right at the comfort of your home, with less stress and risk.


1. Blogging 

Blogging comes first on this list because of the recent popularity it has gained in Nigeria among internet users. Some years back a few internet savvy individuals knew about blogging in Nigeria until Linda Ikeji and a few others made it big in the blogging business.Through blogging, you can express your views on diverse issues that affect humanity. Hundreds of blogs are being setup every day in Nigeria, though only a handful lives past the first 3 to 6 months.But for those that manage to survive the initial hurdles and gain substantial breakthrough, there are bountiful money making opportunities for them that amounts to million and billions depending on the level of their successes. However, before you think blogging and proceed to make financial and time commitment, consider these three things: passion, profitability and expertise.You must have passion for what bloggers do, writing. The whole idea of blogging revolves around writing articles that solves problems, and spark action from your readers to take actions that would transmit into money.Blog niche can be about on daily personal experiences, diaries, lifestyle, food, and guides that add value to peoples’ lives.

Nevertheless, to start making money from a blog require a lot of effort, time, strategy and patience.

2. Digital Marketing

The term ‘digital marketing’ has been so ubiquitous on social media platforms nowadays. It is the new and popular trend in marketing, through which companies generate more sales leads for their products and services than traditional marketing.

Digital marketing experts defines digital marketing as an online advertising technique that businesses use to deliver their products or services right in front of their customers without physical contact.

If you are a novice about how digital marketing works, there are several online tutorials and classes for it that are both paid and free.

You can enroll on one of such programmes and learn the basics so that you can leverage on the boundless opportunities to promote your product or service, or that of your clients and make money in return.

3. Affiliate Marketing 


Another lucrative online money making opportunity in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is based on the idea and practice of getting commission when you refer people to buy a brand or company product or service.There are many marketing sites in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, Expedia, Jiji, etc. You can participate in them and start making money.

There are also foreign digital marketing platforms like Amazon associate, Getresponse, instapage etc you can join and start earning in dollars.

4. eCommerce

eCommerce is another sure way to make money online in Nigeria. eCommerce is an online market place like Jumia, Konga, Jiji etc, who operate modern selling strategies often preferable to most Nigerians than traditional markets.

eCommerce has really revolutionized the way we conduct buying and selling in Nigeria. In today’s Nigeria, you can stay in your house with a computer or smart phone and order for any product or service you desire and it will be delivered at your doorstep within a reasonable time frame.What you buy and sale on eCommerce platform is not different from what is you and sell in normal market, but is done in a modernized and digitized way.

The most interested thing about eCommerce is that it offers cheaper prices for most goods than what is obtainable in traditional markets

People also prefer to buy on eCommerce platforms because of the reduced risk and less stress the platforms help avoid. Many of the eCommerce stores in Nigeria operate pay on delivery method to promote patronage.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of promoting businesses online on social mediaplatforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest among others. Through such campaigns, you can help businesses create brand awareness, generate sales leads, nurture prospects and make money.

Nowadays you can convert your social media hobbies into a moneymaking opportunity. Once you have a good number of followers you are good to go.

6. Content Marketing 

Are you looking for online business opportunities in Nigeria to do? If yes, content marketing is here for you. Content marketing has to with creating and distributing content that educate, inform, entertain and solve problems for prospective customers.

This can be done by creating content that generate large social media following on  blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest etc. the sole aim is to convert loyal followers into paying customers for your product or service, or that of a client.

7. eTrading 

eTrading is one of the less likely known online business opportunities in Nigeria. Unlike eCommerce, which is the practice of buying and selling of tangible goods on internet platforms. A typical example is currency exchange.

eTrading has to do with buying and selling valuable products like stocks, goal, currency, oil, and other financial products and services without necessarily touching the product. 

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